Other Products

MYR-THB Cross Border Trade Settlement (ACCD)

Bangkok Bank Berhad is one of the Appointed Cross-Currency Dealers (ACCD) under the MYR-THB Cross-Border Trade Settlement Framework to promote the settlement of bilateral trade of goods and services in local currencies between Malaysia and Thailand.

What are we offering as Malaysian ACCD?

  • Assist with your settlement of trade of goods and services in THB or MYR with your Thai’s importers and exporters;
  • THB-denominated special deposit account (interest bearing);
  • Foreign exchange hedging in THB; and
  • THB-denominated trade financing.
Click here for our brochure on ACCD.

Express Bank Guarantee

Express Bank Guarantee (ExBG) is a facility whereby the bank as guarantor undertakes to pay an agreed sum if the customer fails or defaults in fulfilling his obligation under the terms and conditions of the guarantee.

The turnaround time for ExBG issuance is 3 business days provided all the terms and conditions of the ExBG are met. ExBG issuance for individual applicant is subject to a cumulative limit of RM50,000.00 while a company is subject to a cumulative limit of RM400,000.00.

Thai Baht Express Transfer

Thai Baht Express Transfer (TBET) is a Thai-Baht (THB) outward remittance service to Thailand. Instead of processing via SWIFT, which is the market practice, Bangkok Bank Berhad uses TBET as the front-end channel for THB real-time transfer.

This product is available to the Bangkok Bank Berhad’s customer to transfer up to THB700,000.00 per transaction to Thai Resident Individual who maintains a Baht Account with Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited (BBL) in Thailand.

Transfers for the following purposes are allowed:

  • Education
  • Leisure & Travel & Transportation
  • Health Care
  • Credit Card Expense
  • Service & Fee
  • News & Information Expense
  • Rental Expense
  • Worker Remittance Expense
  • Alimony, Family Expenses & Donation
  • Payment of Goods & Services
Click here for our brochure on TBET.