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Special Financing Packages

The following Government Aided Financing Schemes are available at Bangkok Bank Berhad:

The fund was set-up to promote the growth of small and medium-sized Bumiputera enterprises. The fund is to support the working capital requirements as well as expansion of production capacity. The main features of the funds are as follows:

Facility : Available in forms of Overdraft, Term Loan,
Tradeline or combination of all the facilities
Loan amount : Up to RM5.0 million
Repayment Period : Upto 5 years
Interest Rate : Up to 6% per annum, subject to changes by Bank Negara Malaysia

Eligibility criteria:
  • Bumiputera enterprises based on the definition of SMEs in Malaysia;
  • Maximum shareholders’ funds not exceeding RM2 million;
  • Shareholding by Public Listed Companies or Government-Linked Companies should not exceed 20%; and
  • Not more than seven (7) years in operation (However, we may consider cases of SMEs who have been in operation for more than seven (7) years).

Credit Guarantee Corporation (“CGC”) has introduced various loan schemes to assist new entrepreneurs to obtain financing without collaterals with an objective to promote the growth and development of small and medium sized enterprises.

Please contact our dedicated professionals from Business Banking Department for more details on the Special Financing Packages available.