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Bangkok Bank has earned the reputation as a trusted partner committed to outstanding market performance. With trade activities centred on Ringgit Malaysia and participation in both the primary and secondary markets for bonds and corporate debentures, our commitment to your needs is paramount.

At Bangkok Bank, we provide you with the latest information in all major currencies as well as in a number of regional currencies. We strive to offer you competitive prices for all the currencies that we deal in.

We also assist companies by offering hedging instruments to manage foreign exchange risk exposures. Our corporate dealers will keep you abreast of any significant movements as well as changing market trends in the world's currencies. Products and services include Spot FX for delivery of 2 business days and Fixed & Option Delivery Forward FX.

In general, bond offers attractive advantages to the investor:

  • it provides the investor with a steady income stream. This comes from the regular coupon payments that the borrower has contracted to pay throughout the tenure of the bond.
  • it gives relatively attractive yields which are usually higher than the interest received from bank's saving and deposits.
  • bond is a  safer investment than say, shares. For as long as the issuer does not default, investor gets paid the coupons irrespective of whether the company makes profit.
Individual investors (as defined under Schedule 2 & 3 of SCA 1993) may invest in government bonds or Private Debt Securities as investment option subject to terms of offer.

Bangkok Bank offers the following money market instruments to suit your investment requirements: 
a) Money Market Deposits for tenure up to a month.
b) Negotiable Instruments of Deposit which is an instrument issued by the Bank to a customer, certify that a certain amount has been deposited with the Bank for a specific tenure and at a specific rate. Tenure available ranges from minimum 1 month up to 10 years. Minimum denomination is RM100,000 in multiple of RM50,000 while the maximum denomination is RM10 million.
c) Foreign Currency Fixed Deposits are deposits in foreign currency placed for a minimum tenure of 1 month.

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Established since January 1959, Bangkok Bank Berhad is also part of the Bangkok Bank Group, one of Asia's largest regional bank with an overseas network spanning 13 economies. This is why today our reputation for financial strength and stability is held with such high regard. But more importantly is the wealth of knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. It is this that allows us to give sound financial advice to our customers and what we consider to be our greatest strength. So, bank with us and watch your money grow.