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Intrabank Funds Transfer
Items Over the Counter
Fees and Charges (RM per transaction) NIL
Daily Transaction Limit (RM per day) No limit

*up to RM10,000 per transaction for Non-Resident Account unless its same account holder transfers or under exempt group category. For more information, kindly refer to

Operating Hours 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Crediting Hour Immediate
Interbank GIRO (IBG)

Cheque Services

Cheque and Current Account Services
Effective date
Fee per cheque issued
2 January 2015
Crediting Time
Monday - Friday
(Cheque deposited before 4.00 p.m.)
T+1 business day
Monday - Friday
(Cheque deposited after 4.00 p.m.)

T+2 business days

Non-Business Day

T+2 business days

* T = Cheque Deposited Day


Short Description

Description of selected payment services
No Payment Services Description
1. Interbank GIRO An electronic fund transfer payment system which allows transfer of money between participating financial institutions within Malaysia.
2. RENTAS Interbank funds transfer made via RENTAS, with a minimum amount of RM 10,000.
3. Cheque A paper based payment instrument. It is a form of written order directing a bank to pay money to the beneficiary.