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Working Capital Finance

Our professionals are able to customise and offer the following products/services to meet the cash flow requirements and  finance the asset conversion cycle of businesses from the small and medium sized industry to large corporate:-

A flexible, convenient and simple way that allows you to meet your funding requirements by drawing the additional funds from your current account as and when required.
No fixed repayment schedule.
Interest is only charged on funds utilised.

A short to medium term facility which can be drawn at anytime for a fixed period. Upon maturity, you have the flexibility of paying back partially, in full or roll over the entire outstanding sum for another period of time.

A range of the following services for importers and exporters to help with pre and post shipment financing:-
Import Services      
  • Documentary Letter of Credit
  • Shipping Guarantees
  • Bank Guarantee  / Standby Letter of Credit
  • Import Bills for Collection
  • Bankers Acceptance
  • Trust Receipts

  • Export Services
  • Foreign/Domestic Bills Purchased/Discounted
  • Export Letter of Credit Advising
  • Export Credit Refinancing
  • Detailed information, please log on to Trade Finance.